Medical Transportation Volunteer Code of Conduct

  1. All volunteer drivers will act in a professional manner at all times.
  2. Reports of volunteer driver misconduct will be cause for immediate suspension from service. Confirmation of misconduct shall be cause for removal of the volunteer driver involved from serving clients.
  3. Volunteers shall perform the following minimum levels of service:

A volunteer driver shall:

  • Wear or have visible, easy to read proper identification of organizational affiliation. (name tag, RSVP shirt, etc.)
  • As appropriate to the needs of the client, exit the vehicle to open and close vehicle doors when passengers enter or exit the vehicle and provide assistance as necessary to or from the main door of the destination.
  • Escort the client to the registration desk of the medical office to ensure the individual is checked in.
  • Confirm or assist the passenger(s) prior to allowing any vehicle to proceed, that all are properly secured in their seatbelt
  • Provide an appropriate level of assistance to passengers, when requested, or when necessitated by a passenger’s condition.
  • Be clean and maintain a neat appearance at all times
  • Be polite and courteous to clients. Clients shall be treated with respect and in a culturally appropriate manner when receiving transportation services. This also includes being punctual.
  • Respect all passenger’s right to confidentiality.
  • Act in a professional manner throughout the volunteer service, including avoiding conversations that may make a client/driver uncomfortable

A volunteer driver shall NOT:

  • Solicit or accept controlled substances, alcohol or medications from clients
  • Solicit or accept money from clients; this includes tips
  • Make sexually explicit comments, or solicit sexual favors, or engage in sexual activity with a client.
  • Use alcohol, narcotics or controlled substances, or be under the influence while on duty. Prescribed medication can be used by a driver as long as his/her duties can still be performed in a safe manner.
  • Smoke in the vehicle while clients are present. This rule also applies to the clients.
  • Wear any type of headphones, Bluetooth device or talk on the phone while driving.
  • Be responsible for a passenger’s personal items

I have read the Driver Code of Conduct and will abide by the contents.

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