Neighbor 2 Neighbor

“Partnering the needs of some with the willing hands of others”

Neighbor 2 Neighbor is a volunteer program in the city of Manhattan that helps elderly residents remain in their home. This program connects volunteers, volunteer groups, and organizations with Manhattan residents who need assistance. Volunteers help with snow removal and basic yard work. As a year-round program, residents will be required to reapply for services with each season.

To be eligible, residents must meet ALL the following criteria:

  1. Resident of Manhattan city limits who owns or occupies the home in need of assistance.
    • Volunteers are only able to help with your primary residence to allow volunteers to assist more residents.
  2. Have a physical limitation (either due to age 65+ or disability)


Do you want to help your neighbors in need? We’ll match you with residents in your area.

Do you have availability throughout the summer and winter seasons? Our most critical needs are during the holiday weekends, as well as K-State’s winter and summer breaks. 

Do you have equipment to clear snow and ice from a home’s public sidewalks and a walkway from the house to the sidewalk? Do you have equipment to mow a yard or rake leaves? If not, we might be able to work with you to locate necessary equipment depending on the need and availability. 

As a volunteer, you are asked to help designated residents of Manhattan to stay in their homes by providing limited occasional services. Volunteers are only asked to provide services that help the residents stay up to code with the City of Manhattan. 

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Groups, apply here.


Volunteers in the Manhattan community can help with snow removal, lawn mowing, and basic yard assistance. 

Please understand: 

  1. This is a first-come, first-served program based on the number of volunteers available. Priority will be given to residents who do not have help readily available through family/friends/neighbors.
  2. It might take as many as a few days or weeks to find volunteers who can help you, depending on the need. Please plan ahead as much as possible.
  3. Volunteers are only obliged to do the work you originally requested – nothing more. New applications are required based on the season (lawn mowing in Spring/Summer, leaf raking in Fall, or snow shoveling in the Winter).
  4. If the volunteers determine that the work is beyond their ability, or that there are unanticipated risks they will not begin the job and will contact the Flint Hills Volunteer Center on your behalf.
  5. Volunteers cannot accept payment for services.

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