Submit Volunteer Hours

We do ask that you submit your volunteer hours at the end of each month. This can be done in several ways:

  1. by filling out the time sheet available below,
  2. by printing, filling out, and submitting the time sheet provided here for individuals or here for groups
  3. or by calling, emailing, or dropping them off directly to our office.

If your hours are for a requirement such as court or a scholarship, please use THIS FORM to verify & submit hours.

The reason these hours are so important is because this data is our ONLY way of showing a statistical snapshot of what our volunteers are accomplishing in regard to the mission of Flint Hills Volunteer Center, which is to be the premier volunteer center placing volunteers in meaningful activities that will make a difference in our communities while still meeting the needs of other non-profits and the people they serve. These numbers also allow for us to showcase just how valuable today’s volunteers truly are to the success of our community.

To submit hours for an individual, click here.

To submit hours for a group, click here.