Start the Conversation; Save a Life!

Often, what appears to be a singular, external pressure or occurrence is merely “the last straw” when added to ongoing stressors, depression, and/ or hopelessness. Suicide is the result of a long-term “wearing away”- an erosion of the person’s ability to cope. 

Warning Signs

Seek Immediate Help

– Threatening or talking of wanting to hurt or kill themselves

– Seeking access to lethal means

– Talking, writing, or drawing about death/ dying/ suicide

Seek Help ASAP

– Withdrawing from friends, family, & society

– Acting reckless or engaging in risky behavior

– Giving away favorite possessions

– Increased drug and/ or alcohol use

– Anxiety, significant changes in sleep habits

– Rage & uncontrolled anger

– Verbal cues about not being needed/ wanted; people being better without them

Risk Factors

– Previous attempts

– Family or relationship issues (such as conflict, neglect, finances, or abuse)

– Work or school stressors (such as a hostile environment, bullying, or stress)

– Access to lethal means

– Health (mental or physical)

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Be a Link! ®

Have a caring conversation- not a clinical assessment.

Breathe! Be genuine and caring.                           Don’t lie or make promises you can’t keep. 

Do tell them: I am glad you came to me. I care. How can I help? Let’s find someone who can help you through this. 

What is Yellow Ribbon?

The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program® is dedicated to preventing suicide and attempts by making suicide prevention accessible to everyone and removing barriers to help by:

– Empowering individuals and communities through leadership, awareness, and education

– Collaborating and partnering with support networks to reduce stigma and help save lives

About Yellow Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon started in 1994 in response to heartfelt pleas from teens and adults after the death of a friend and loved one, Mike Emme (17). Words said by his family- “please, don’t do this, please talk to someone” were put on bright yellow paper along with how to get help. Teens pinned yellow ribbons to 500 slips of paper for his service and all were gone by the end. Within three weeks came word of a girl who got help when she gave her yellow message to a teacher and received help.

The Ripple Effect had begun.