Make an Impact:

Where Good People and Great Causes Meet

Want to contribute to your community but feel unsure how to get involved? That’s where FHVC comes in. We build bridges between people and purpose.

Connect, Contribute, and Change the World

When you’re seeking connection to your community, there is no easier way to get involved than offering your time and talents to help those in need. We have built a large movement of change-makers dedicated to making a positive impact – join us today!

Your Compassion, Our Network

Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or taking your first step into social service, we are the primary hub for volunteerism in the areas we serve, which include Riley, Geary, and Pottawatomie counties in Kansas, as well as the Kansas City metro area. We will connect you with causes and organizations that matter to you. Your journey towards a fulfilling volunteer experience starts here.

Tailored Volunteering

At FHVC, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all and volunteer opportunities should be as unique as the individuals donating their time. We find opportunities that align with your individual skills and talents to benefit the greater good. Let us help you find where you’re needed most.

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Our Events

Flint Hills Volunteer Center has several events throughout the year to help support the volunteers and organizations we work with. Together we can create something great together!


Join Our Community

Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our mission. Together, we’re transforming compassion into action. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Discover: Explore a curated list of meaningful causes.
  • Match: Fill out a quick form to tell us about your experience, availability, and interests. We’ll use this information to connect you with your ideal volunteer opportunity.
  • Contribute: Engage with your selected cause’s opportunities, attend our community events, and give back when you can.

Fill out our match form today and take the first step towards a richer, more purposeful life. Your skills, enthusiasm, and generosity can make a world of difference.