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Preventing suicide is one of our society’s greatest challenges. That’s why The Flint Hills Volunteer Center has developed the Suicide Awareness P.A.C.T. program.

P.A.C.T. stands for Prevention, Awareness, Compassion, and Training

Training FAQS

  • Trained Ambassadors can come to any location. Alternatively, presentations can take place at the Riley County Health Department or the Manhattan Public Library.
  • Presentations typically last 45–60 minutes, but length is customizable based on your needs.
  • The goal of the training is to help individuals:
    • learn correct terminology about mental health crisis
    • examine attitudes about suicide
    • know how to help someone who may be experiencing an emotional crisis or distress
    • differentiate between a crisis situation and someone who may need to use community resources such as mental health provider access or spiritual care

Each attendee will be trained on how to ACT in the event of a crisis to help save lives by getting someone who may be suicidal to professional help:

A: How to Ask the question and addressing myths and stigma surrounding suicide
C: How to Care for someone while waiting for professional help to arrive
T: How to Team Up with professionals, so the situation is never handled alone


Furthering the Conversation: The P.A.C.T. Podcast

Through the FHVC P.A.C.T. Suicide Awareness program, we have recorded 25+ podcasts discussing topics connected to suicide prevention and mental health awareness. This podcast features individuals sharing personal experiences and local mental health professionals with industry perspectives. Tune in to hear our in-depth conversations with local people affected by suicide, businesses, schools, and healthcare professionals.


We're Here to Help

Finding the right support can turn the tide in mental health battles. Our approach creates a safe space where understanding meets action. Each step towards finding help is a step towards a brighter future.

Mental Health Support

Need someone to talk to in the Manhattan area? The MHK Mental Health Providers Database is a great resource. There are professionals that are ready to listen, understand, and support you.

It's Never Too Late

If you’re contemplating self harm, please reach out to a professional to get the help you need. It’s time to flip the script and start a new story—one of resilience, recovery, and rebirth. Because you matter, and your story isn’t over.

Help is Here

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call or Text: 988

Fort Riley Suicide Prevention Assistance
(785) 239-HELP

Pawnee Crisis Hotline
1 (800) 609-2002

1558 Hayes Dr
Manhattan, KS 66502

Ready to Serve Your Community?

Join AmeriCorps Seniors in Kansas City today and enjoy enriching volunteer experiences tailored just for you. Whether you have an hour a week or several, your volunteerism will help create a more vibrant, caring community.

FHVC Signature Programs

  • Neighbor 2 Neighbor
    • An FHVC signature program that assists our Manhattan-area seniors with yard work, raking leaves, and snow removal

  • Medical Transportation
    • Drive senior Manhattan residents to medical appointments within city limits.

  • Connecting Students to Communities
    • Students in middle school through college organize and take part in community outreach programs

FHVC’s Core Programs Include:

  • AmeriCorps Seniors (formerly RSVP) is one of the largest volunteer networks in the nation for people 55 and over. Volunteers use the skills and talents they’ve learned over the years or they develop new ones while serving in a variety of volunteer activities within our community.
  • Connecting Students to Communities provides volunteer opportunities for students as a conduit to teach workplace readiness skills, enhance academic performance, inspire a lifetime commitment to service, and address the needs of recipient nonprofit organizations. Recruitment targets middle school, high school, and college students.
  • Suicide Awareness (P.A.C.T.) utilizes trained volunteers to educate the community on risk factors for suicide, along with the interventions available for help.
  • Medical Transportation volunteers provide independence and freedom to local seniors by helping them get to medical appointments in Manhattan.
    Neighbor 2 Neighbor is a volunteer program in the city of Manhattan that helps elderly residents remain in their home. This program connects volunteers, volunteer groups, and organizations with Manhattan residents who need assistance. Volunteers help with snow removal and basic yard work.

Board of Directors

Ronnie Grice

Ronnie Grice


K-State Police Department

Lindy Lindquist

Lindy Lindquist

Vice President

K-State Research & Extension; Retired

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson


K-State Research & Extension

Angela Fobes

Angela Fobes


Meritrust Credit Union

Sue Simons

Sue Simmons

Immediate Past President

Retired Federal Civilian (Army)

Heather Cunningham

Heather Cunningham

Next Chapter Support

Julie Gibbs

Julie Gibbs

Riley County Health Department

Jacob Kujath

Jacob Kujath

James Gordon & Associates CPA, P.A.

Lucy Straily

Lucy Straily

Your Medicare Simplified

Missy Tener

Missy Tener

AMICUS Wealth Partners

Kelly Thomason

Kelly Thomason

Homefront Real Estate Group

Our Events

Flint Hills Volunteer Center has several events throughout the year to help support the volunteers and organizations we work with. Together we can create something great together!


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Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our mission. Together, we’re transforming compassion into action. Here’s how you can get started:

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