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Being the Change Begins Here

Volunteering at Flint Hills Volunteer Center (FHVC) is not just about giving your time; it’s about making a real difference in your community. You have the power to strengthen local initiatives and bring about positive growth. Whether you’re an individual with a passion for service or a group looking to give back, we have a place for you.

Join Our Network of Change-Makers

Step 3: Participate and Make a Difference

You’ve filled out the form, you’ve found your path—now it’s time to take action! Remember to mention Flint Hills Volunteer Center when you sign up for any volunteer activity.

Step 4: Track Your Volunteer Hours

Your dedication deserves recognition. Submit Volunteer Hours to ensure you receive full credit for your service. Every minute you spend in service has a ripple effect in the community, and we want to acknowledge your significant impact.

Step 1: Enroll as a Volunteer

Begin your journey of impact by filling out our volunteer enrollment form. Your individual skills and contributions are important, and when harnessed for the greater good, they become even more powerful. Let’s get started!

Step 2: Connect with Opportunities

Not sure where to direct your energy? Discover a variety of local volunteer opportunities that might align with your interests and skills. FHVC can help guide you towards initiatives where your skills are needed within the time frames you have available. Submit the enrollment form mentioned above for personalized suggestions.

Thank You for Making a Difference!

At Flint Hills Volunteer Center, we acknowledge that it takes a collective effort to achieve our goals. Thank you for choosing to dedicate your time and energy to serve others.

If you’re ready to get involved, make an impact, and meet like-minded individuals committed to bettering our community, choose an option below to begin your volunteer journey with Flint Hills Volunteer Center. Your role in our community is crucial, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Volunteer Forms

Below we have consolidated our online forms in the two following tabs. Select the tab you are needing and the online form and information will display.

Enrolling as a Volunteer

The first step to volunteering is to fill out an enrollment form to the right as either an individual or as a group. For minors under the age of 18, included is a Parent/Legal Guardian Waiver for your parent/legal guardian information to be filled out to finalize enrollment.

Start Volunteering

Once we have received your form and contacted you, it’s time to start making a difference! Don’t forget to reference Flint Hills Volunteer Center when you arrive for a new volunteer activity.  Not sure where to go?  Check out our Volunteer Opportunities or contact us for ideas.

Track Your Hours

Record the amount of hours spent volunteering to receive full credit for your volunteer hours. Click here to download the Volunteer Time Sheet.  At the end of each month, e-mail the completed form to or drop it off at our office. Hours can also be submitted online via the “Submit Volunteer Hours” tab on this page.

Although you are only one person, you can have a significant impact on the community or organization you are helping. It takes a lot of people to accomplish our goals, and we would like to say THANK YOU for your time and service.

Volunteer Enrollment Form

Submit Volunteer Hours

We do ask that you submit your volunteer hours at the end of each month. This can be done in several ways:

  1. By filling out this online form
  2. By printing, completing, and returning these time sheets: individual or group
  3. By calling (785-776-7787), emailing (, or visiting the office. by filling out the online form, or

Please Note: If your hours are for a requirement such as court or a scholarship, please use the form below to verify & submit hours.

The reason these hours are so important is because this data is our ONLY way of showing a statistical snapshot of what our volunteers are accomplishing in regard to the mission of Flint Hills Volunteer Center, which is to be the premier volunteer center placing volunteers in meaningful activities that will make a difference in our communities while still meeting the needs of other non-profits and the people they serveThese numbers also allow for us to showcase just how valuable today’s volunteers truly are to the success of our community.

Submit Volunteer Hours Form