Volunteers are needed to:

Attend new and/or refresher tax law training and certification as needed, including the use of electronic filing software. Training may be completed on-line or in person.

Successfully pass a test on required tax law knowledge.

Provide high-quality assistance to all taxpayers. Directly prepare taxpayer’s return based on information provided by taxpayer or answer tax related questions.

Interact with taxpayers to determine the necessary information for completing a tax return.

Prepare returns using electronic filing software.

Refer customers with complex returns to the IRS website or to a tax practitioner.

Maintain confidentiality of customer information.

Ensure high-quality of returns by completing a quality review process on returns completed.

Volunteers can expect to spend:

1 hour for orientation training in early December

2-8 hours of self-directed study for tax certification

4 hours for electronic filing software training

3-5 hours per week during filing season (late-January to mid-April