Senior Corps RSVP Volunteer John Thomas

Senior Corps RSVP volunteer John Thomas is a people person. He does not like to boast about what he does, as it’s more about the people that he encounters. John was an Army Infantryman during the Vietnam War. He served our country and continues that same love by volunteering in his community. John enjoys visiting with […]

Senior Corps RSVP Volunteer Dolores Renner

If you’re out and about in Leonardville, chances are you will run into Senior Corps RSVP volunteer Dolores Renner at one of her many activities. Dolores assists with the Leonardville Seniors by serving as their treasurer and helping with their weekly meals; she has even served as their president 4-5 times over the years. She enjoys checking […]

Senior Corps RSVP Volunteers Dennis and Cindy Shelton

Cindy Shelton, Senior Corps RSVP volunteer, was motivated to start volunteering when the couple retired and moved to Manhattan from Salina to be closer to their children. She had known about RSVP in Salina and looked up the Manhattan office. She was happy to get involved and connect to the community. Through the volunteer work, Cindy […]