Every year during the third week of April, we celebrate National Volunteer Week. This year National Volunteer Week is April 15 – 21. We want to highlight all the amazing work that our Volunteers do by providing the following statistics.

Locally… *Nationally…

553 Active Volunteers 5 Million Volunteers

29,510 Hours Served 20 Million Hours Served

Monetary Value of Monetary Value of
$653,351 $482.8 Million

So where do our local volunteers give their time? Well, last year 4,861 hours were served delivering meal on wheels, 5,265 hours were served volunteering at local thrift stores, 1,057 hours were served transporting seniors to medical appointments, and 3,647 hours were served at Via Christi Hospital, just to name a few. Don’t think volunteering is for everybody? We have volunteers at every stage in life. 38.57% are 70 and older, 20.37% are between age 55 and 69, 34.31% are age 18 to 54 and 6.79% of our volunteers are age 11 to 17. As you can see, every little bit of time that each person is able to give snowballs into having a huge impact on our community. Our community would not be the same without our volunteers!

*National Statistics provided by Points of Light

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