Valentine’s Day is a day that we use to show our loved ones that we care about them. Well, we sure do care about our volunteers!  We also care about our military! To celebrate valentine’s day, our youth, who are part of the Youth Volunteer Corps, along with Paula Dover, our Youth Services Program Coordinator, made cards for the men and women who serve over in Ft. Riley. These will be sent with the cookies that are normally sent as part of our USO Cookie Brigade that delivers cookies twice monthly to our armed forces.

Want to know other ways you can show your appreciation to love ones?

Here are some ideas…

  1. Make a handmade card
  2. Spend time with them, do an activity that they enjoy
  3. Compliment them
  4. Share your favorite book or CD with them
  5. Make dinner for them, or clean the dishes afterward
  6. Buy them their favorite candy
  7. Help with something they are working on
  8. Donate to their favorite charity in their name
  9. Have a movie night with them
  10. Volunteer Together!

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