Senior Corps RSVP Volunteer Donna Wilkins

When Donna Wilkins was told by her doctor that she needed to cut back on work, she found herself leaving her job with the Social Security Administration to volunteer with the Flint Hills Volunteer Center as a member of the Senior Corps RSVP program. Donna wanted to stay busy, after all, she knew nothing different. […]

Senior Corps RSVP Volunteer Elaine De Smedt

Senior Corps RSVP volunteer Elaine De Smedt cares deeply about others especially when they are in the most challenging times in their lives. Elaine, now the chair of our Suicide Prevention Task Force, has had years of practice in caring for others and when you talk to her, you feel her heart. Elaine was born and […]

Senior Corps RSVP Volunteer Jim Griffin

Senior Corps RSVP volunteer Jim Griffin may not recall how he got started with the Schools of Hope program, but he has enjoyed being a mentor with the program for the past 7 school years.  Jim has especially enjoyed watching the students improve throughout the year.  Each year, Jim begins by showing his students a […]

Senior Corps RSVP Volunteer Gary Bigley

Gary Bigley, Senior Corps RSVP volunteer, is a relationship builder. When he first started volunteering after retirement, he didn’t think of himself as a people person; however, as he has gotten to know many people and developed friendships over the years, he now knows better. Gary first started volunteering with the Via Christi Hospital Auxiliary […]

Senior Corps RSVP Volunteers Earl & Kathryn Baugher

Senior Corps RSVP volunteers Earl and Kathryn Baugher started volunteering when a friend was collecting school supplies to send overseas. Before long one thing led to another and they found themselves actively volunteering with a few different opportunities in town including the Keynotes, Caregivers, and Manhattan Chamber of Commerce mailings. The Baugher’s soon got their […]

Senior Corps RSVP Volunteer Karl Kramer

When Senior Corps RSVP volunteer Karl Kramer retired in 2003, he wanted to find a way to remain active and he decided to start volunteering. He has found it to be a rewarding way to help and be involved in the community doing what he loves and exploring new opportunities. As a retired USDA and Kansas State […]

Senior Corps RSVP Volunteer Jean Akin

“I’m a recruiter,” says Senior Corps RSVP Volunteer Jean Akin when asked about her volunteer work and motivation. A native New Mexican, Jean first visited Kansas after marrying an Air Force man. She followed him back to Kansas and they ended up in Manhattan when he found a job with Kansas State University. Jean also found employment […]

Senior Corps RSVP Volunteer Jim Koeliker

When asked about his volunteer work in the community, Senior Corps RSVP volunteer Jim Koeliker summed it up best, “There’s no better place to meet people; caring, happy people who lift me up.” Jim retired early in order to stay home and take care of his wife. He started volunteering because he was looking for flexible options […]

Senior Corps RSVP Volunteer John Thomas

Senior Corps RSVP volunteer John Thomas is a people person. He does not like to boast about what he does, as it’s more about the people that he encounters. John was an Army Infantryman during the Vietnam War. He served our country and continues that same love by volunteering in his community. John enjoys visiting with […]

Senior Corps RSVP Volunteer Dolores Renner

If you’re out and about in Leonardville, chances are you will run into Senior Corps RSVP volunteer Dolores Renner at one of her many activities. Dolores assists with the Leonardville Seniors by serving as their treasurer and helping with their weekly meals; she has even served as their president 4-5 times over the years. She enjoys checking […]